The company has a long tradition and experience in the organization and the operation of high demand locations and has the ability to render high class services based on its know-how and its specialized personnel.
• In Kostis Palamas building in the center of Athens “the Kapodistriako” restaurant operates daily.  It is a warm, creative, cozy and fun place, with the status of Athens University.  The building’s main use is the hosting of events, such as speeches,   round tables, symposiums, catering events etc. 

• From the classic luxury of historic “STAIN” restaurant the Company passes to the modern taste aesthetics of “Planetarium Barestau”, a special place created to serve the visitors of Science Center and Technology Museum "NOESIS", but also to be a stand-alone destination and a special events place as weddings, baptism and kids party or business meals in Thessaloniki. 
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• “Brunchy Risto” at Smart Park in Spata Attica is an Italian full service Café-Restaurant.  In a modern and cozy environment serves real Italian flavors (Pizza, Pasta, Café, Ice Creams etc.) for the lovers of the Italian quality and not only. For more info visit: www.brunchy.gr ….