Greek Sunday Meals

60 award-winning Greek traditional, excellent chilled and packed in modified atmosphere ready to eat meals

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The Greek Sunday meals range was developed after extensive Research and Development (R&D), focusing on the Mediterranean diet. It consists of a range of cook & chill, 60 traditional Greek exceptional meals, designed to meet the needs and desires of our customers. They offer a time - saving solution and convenience through serving high quality meals with natural ingredients and great taste, at competitive prices.

We carefully select ingredients from Greek producers, honoring our country’s tradition and culinary history. Extra virgin olive oil, spices, legumes and fine vegetables from the fertile Greek lands and cheeses from local producers are some of the ingredients we are using in our recipes that have no preservatives and no additives!

We cook our meals in our state-of-the-art kitchen facilities, in our production units, both in Athens and Thessaloniki, ensuring that the strictest food hygiene and safety standards are followed.

Our recipes provide solutions to professionals in all sectors of mass catering, retail, food service companies, as well as the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, by selecting and designing the ideal menu with them to meet their needs.