Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Society


Kobatsiaris Bros S.A. is dedicated to promoting sustainable development through its business activities. With programs and initiatives focused on three key areas – social well-being, environmental sustainability, and economic well-being – the company has demonstrated its commitment for 55 years to creating positive social, environmental and economic impacts on the communities affected by its business operations.

Taking into account the impact of our company on society, the environment and the economy, we constantly implement actions that promote the enhancement of corporate social action. We aim to develop innovative programs and initiatives that promote sustainable development and social welfare.


Social Welfare

Programs to support local communities with free supply of food or essential items.

Support of educational programs and scholarships.

Initiatives aimed at enhancing the health and well-being of local communities.

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Environmental Sustainability

Investing in production practices that reduce environmental impact, promotion of the use of recyclable materials and products, and adoption of energy-efficient processes.

Programs for the protection of the natural environment in the areas where the company operates.

Adoption of innovative technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Improvement of energy efficiency in our facilities.

Economic Welfare

Training and professional development programs for our employees.

Creating jobs with fair wages and working conditions, offering opportunities for advancement and growth to our employees.

Support for local businesses and small to medium-sized enterprises through partnerships and social entrepreneurship programs.

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