In the current decade, the Company starts to operate canteens on the premises of the Hellenic Army General Staff, of the 401 General Army Hospital of Athens, of Serres KTEL, of the 424 Army General Hospital of Thessaloniki, of the Educational Artillery Centre in Thiva and of Nafstathmos Salaminas.  Late in 2012 it also undertakes the food services for the patients and the operation of the restaurant for the on-duty doctors of the General Hospital of Lamia.  

• In 2011 it operates the restaurant – canteen of the factory in Thessaloniki of AMSTEL – Athenian Brewery SA.

• On 26/10/2012 Brunchy Risto Athens - the new branch of Kobatsiaris Bros- starts its operations in the Smart Park mall in Spata Attica. It has grown into a modern, high aesthetics place and offers a combination of services for café, pizza, pasta, cream and drinks. In the same month the Company undertakes from the Institute of Preventive Medicine Environmental and Occupational Health “PROLEPSIS”, with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation donation and based on the Program on Food Aid and promotion of Healthy Nutrition, the production and delivery of sandwiches – micro meals to kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools of Central Macedonia.  The number of schools in the year 2013-2014 surpasses 90 schools and the meals reach 12 000 daily.  

• In 2013 it undertakes for the Municipality of Oreokastro Thessaloniki the food supply of 350 portions daily for the nutrition of the children of 8 nurseries.  

• In 2014 it operates the restaurants and the canteens on the premises in Thessaloniki of ELPE – Hellenic Petroleum SA and undertakes the nutrition of YMCA campers in Saint John Pelion.

• In 2015 it undertakes the nutrition of YMCA Thessaloniki's campers in Chalkidiki and Florina and starts to operate the canteen on the premises of Attica Zoological Park. It also undertakes the nutrition of Democritus University of Thrace's students and of the employees of LIDL Hellas at Sindos' facilities.

• In 2016 it operates the restaurant and canteen on the premises of UNIFY SA in Attica and undertakes the daily nutrition of refugees in Refugee Hosting Centres.