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  • Frozen ready to eat meals
  • 12-months shelf life from production date
  • To be kept in a freezer
  • HORECA packaging and retail packaging
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  • Ready to eat meals chilled and packed in modified atmosphere
  • 28-days shelf life from production date
  • To be kept in the refrigerator
  • HORECA packaging and retail packaging
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  • Fresh cooked meals
  • Ready to be served
  • To be kept in bain marie
  • HORECA packaging only



3WAYmeals sets you free!

3WAYmeals is the pioneering solution by KOBATSIARIS BROS S.A. that gives you unlimited possibilities and a great flexibility in your kitchen.

Three different groups of ready to eat meals to save your time and money.

3WAYmeals sets you free from thinking about vegetable, meat, fish or groceries supplies. This way, you will also reduce significantly electricity and liquid gas

3WAYmeals offers you a standardized ready to eat meals, reserving the flavor and the quality of your selected recipes intact, which your customers will love, no matter how many members of staff you employ.

3WAYmeals offers an excellent and high quality solution to the end-consumer for their daily meals, based on the Mediterranean diet with extra virgin olive oil and without the use of preservatives.

Choose the category that accomplishes your standards from frozen, chilled, or daily fresh meals and sit back relaxed to enjoy the time and money you save.


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Why 3 WAYmeals?

  •   A unique pioneering solution with three flexible choices:
    • fresh cooked daily meals,
    • ready to eat chilled meals, packed in modified atmosphere,
    • ready to eat frozen meals
  • Always standardized high quality in all the types of our meals
  • Value for money choice that accomplish our high quality standards
  • Less working hours / less personnel
  • Low energy consumption
  • Zero waste of raw materials
  • No need for raw materials supplies
  • Time saving solution
  • An excellent, convenient and high quality daily meals solution for the end-consumer
  • A reliable response to your end-consumer for every unexpected difficult situation of your business
  • A variety of meals based on the Mediterranean diet
  • Α diet of high nutritional value, free of preservatives
  • Meals prepared with extra virgin olive oil
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