To meet current requirement as well as to foresee future expansion our Company has its own Central Production Unit for prepared food and a unit for processing meat products located on the Thessaloniki-Serres National Road (22 km). A modern Production Unit has recently opened in Attica. The production capacity of the Units comes to at least 29,000 portions of prepared food per day.

Our products can be categorized as follows:

Prepared food for direct consumption

‘Cook and Chill’ products

Fresh frozen goods

All stages of the product lifecycle are meticulously monitored: from ordering and selecting of raw materials through to processing, packaging, delivery and, where appropriate, disposal.

At each of the above stages, the Company unswervingly complies with current hygiene and food safety legislation, and rigorously applies EFET instructions and HACCP principles.

In addition to the checks and controls carried out by line staff, a dedicated team of food technologists and safety supervisors conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with our strict hygiene and food safety standards. These standards are also applied to our suppliers.